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You may order Disco America 2008 - 2013 Videos Online!
Please NOTE:  Purchase of  The Disco America 2010 Weekend Event DVD Set
is only to be made Under the Following Terms and Conditions of Sale
as set forth below by The Event Directors of Disco America 2010:

We would like to inform you that this year we decided to put the Dance Crew Show on the Weekend
Event DVD Set as an added feature.  However, due to issues concerning the owners and
choreographers of these performances, the stipulation is not to upload any part or all of the Dance
Crew Show in any form onto any website whether personal, business, or public.  We therefore state
that any part or all of the Dance Crew Show can not be uploaded onto any collaboration website
such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or any website of this nature.  The purchase
of The Weekend Event Set is for reference and personal viewing.  The Dance Crew Show cannot be
copied and/or distributed without the express written permission of the performers.  This
stipulation is solely for the Dance Crew Show.  

By purchasing The 2010 Weekend Event DVD Set the purchaser acknowledges and agrees to abide
by all of the above stated terms and conditions of sale.

To Order and Pay by Check, Money Order or Credit Card:
1)  Please complete the above form and print,
2)   Attach your check/money order (payable to Dance America Videos)
3)  Mail order form and check/money order to:

Dance America Videos
Attn Ralph Johnson
416 James Court
Falls Church, VA 22046
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Order DC's Largest West Coast Swing Flash Mob Plus on DVD
Washington, DC - October 16, 2010  
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Purchase Separate DVDs (All included in The Weekend Event DVD Set)
The Disco America 2010 Workshop Video Notebook DVD ($65+$8 S/H)
Disco America 2010 American Smooth & Rhythm DVD ($40+$8 S/H)
Disco America 2010 Dinner Show Set DVD ($50+$8 S/H)
Just Purchase The Disco America 2010 Weekend Event DVD Set
(Includes All Competitions, Selected Performances of The Dinner Show, and
The Workshop Video Notebook) ($
95+$8 S/H) (BEST DEAL!)

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Note:  Promenade Showcase Orders will be delivered to
The Promenade for pick up unless other mailing
arrangements are made.  Online Orders require $8 S/H
Special mailing/shipping arrangements of Promenade orders may be
made by contacting Ralph Johnson at
Please complete and print this order form, enclose/attach
your check or money order for the appropriate amount
(payable to Ralph Johnson) and mail to:

Dance America Videos
Attn: Ralph Johnson
416 James Court
Falls Church, VA 22046

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Event Video order immediately
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OHS Class Of 57 50th Reunion
Held in Odessa, TX
$30 + $8 s/h  
OHS Class Of 57-57th Reunion
Held at Horseshoe Bay Resort, TX
$30 + $8 s/h  
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